When you’re exhausted, give your kids Kirecon!

Are you concerned about violent videos? Is that why you don’t feel comfortable when your kids watch videos online?

Here are the functions that we provide.

Let’s learn the main functions of Kirecon!






Survey questions

Kirecon Kids Development Survey

Do you want to know your kids’ development?
You can get a quick survey on Kirecon with your phone.

Initial Survey

Get recommendation about the best videos for your kids through initial survey including prior knowledge and language development etc. Please give two minutes for your child.

Multi-Intelligence Survey

Check out what intelligence your kids have! Improve your kids’ strong intelligence and strengthen weak intelligence.

Propensity/ Disposition Survey

Find out your kids’ innate disposition and propensity that appears by interaction with their social environment.

Watching video is a nice alternative for learning.

Which child is likely to learn about a ladybug with interest, the one who reads only a book or watches video showing a flying ladybug?
Learning with books is not the only answer.

Who will learn more interestingly?

In this day and age, many people learn with videos as well as books. If you can’t avoid, try it first!~

Just watched…

Kirecon recommends videos based on your kids’ development survey. Let your kids enjoy the videos and find your kids’ development improved.

Check the videos

Watch the videos with a bigger screen!

If you watch it with iPad or other big screens, you can minimize eyestrain that your kids would experience when watching with a small screen.

Time to share what you know each other.

Do you know that when you share your interests with each other, your friendliness and learning will increase as well?, Even if you do not watch videos with your kids, we provide questions about the videos to help communicate with kids.

Are you worried that the videos your kids are watching is a good video?
Now you can trust!
Because Kirecon provides kids educational videos only.

Look through video information analyzed by education experts.